This template is intended to be used for all-Ireland instances, usually resulting in a wikilink to جزیره ایرلند (article about the island) instead of ایرلند (article about the sovereign nation).

However, it is often convenient to use {{flagicon|Ireland}} and {{flag|Ireland}} instead of {{flagicon|Republic of Ireland}} and {{flag|Republic of Ireland}} respectively, so this template differs from the standard format in order to accommodate that usage. The alias parameter changes depending on whether or not a flag variant is used by the parent template call:

alias = {{#if:{{{variant|}}}|Ireland|Ireland (state)}}

This results in

Sporting teams


Also, several sport-specific flag variants are maintained here, and these are automatically used by the respective sport team templates:

  • {{fb|Ireland}} ایرلند (football, 1882–1922)
  • {{fh|Ireland}} ایرلند (field hockey)
  • {{rl|Ireland}} ایرلند (rugby league)
  • {{ih|Ireland}} ایرلند (ice hockey) — all-Ireland team that uses the tri-colour
  • {{ru|Ireland}}

دیل کودو اعتیبارسیز دیر. (rugby union)

Use of country code aliases


The standard country code for the Republic of Ireland is IRL, so it can be used as an alias for Template:Country data Republic of Ireland. The non-standard country code IRE is used as an alias for this template to provide similar convenience. For example:

Incorrect usage


Do not use the IRL alias for all-Ireland sports team, and do not use the IRE alias without a flag variant specified. The following examples should not be used.

  • {{flagicon|IRE}}ایرلند (Works, but better to use the standard country code for IRL.)
  • {{fh|IRL}} ایرلند (Use {{fh|IRE}} instead)

Country_data templates are also available for each of the four traditional provinces of Ireland:

Template:Country data Connacht شابلون:Country data Connacht
Template:Country data Leinster شابلون:Country data Leinster
Template:Country data Munster شابلون:Country data Munster
Template:Country data Ulster شابلون:Country data Ulster