بامپر رابینسون

بامپر رابینسون (اینگیلیسجه: Bumper Robinson) آمریکالی دوبلور و اوْیونچو. آمریکادا دۆنیایا گؤز آچیب. 1983 - گۆنوموز ایللر آراسیندا سینما ساحه‌سینده چالیشیب.

بامپر رابینسون
آدبامپر رابینسون
قیسا بیلگیدوبلور و اوْیونچو.
دوْغوم تاریخJune 19, 1974 (age 43)
کلیولند, آمریکا بیرلشمیش ایالتلری
حیات یوْلداشیKatherine Penton

اوْینادیغی فیلم‌لردَییشدیر

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1985 Enemy Mine Zammis
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2001 Behind Enemy Lines SCIF Technician
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1983 Cocaine and Blue Eyes Brennen's Son Television فیلم
1983 The Jeffersons Artis Episode: "And the Winner Is..."
1983–84 Hill Street Blues Jimmy, Kid 2 episodes
1983–84 Webster Curtis 3 episodes
1984 Matt Houston Nathaniel 2 episodes
1984 Gimme a Break! Boomer Episode: "Breakdance"
1985 Cagney & Lacey Kevin Taggart 2 episodes
1985–86 Night Court Leon 5 episodes
1986 North and South Michael Miniseries
1987 The Facts of Life Todd Episode: "Sweet Charity"
1987 Punky Brewster Donald Sotta Episode: "Best Friends"
1987–89 Days of Our Lives Jonah Carver Recurring role
1988 Day by Day Warren Episode: "Girl Wars"
1990 Molloy Louis Duncan Jackson 7 episodes
1990–91 Amen Clarence 11 episodes
1990–92 Family Matters Daniel Wallace, Kyle 4 episodes
1992 The Royal Family Joe Correy 2 episodes
1992 The Jacksons: An American Dream Jackie Jackson (ages 12–16) Miniseries
1992–93 A Different World Dorian Heywood 23 episodes
1993 The John Larroquette Show Extortionist Episode: "Jumping Off the Wagon"
1994 Thea Cliff Clover Episode: "Danesha Project"
1994 Saved by the Bell: The New Class Doug Parker Episode: "Bayside Story"
1994 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Jem'Hadar Episode: "The Abandoned"
1994–96 Sister, Sister Bellboy, Mike, Jesse 3 episodes
1995 The O. J. Simpson Story Young O. J. Simpson Television فیلم
1995 Touched by an Angel Matthew Mackey Episode: "The Hero"
1995 On Our Own Nat 2 episodes
1995 The Client Jimmy Roland Episode: "Them That Has..."
1995–97 Living Single Ivan Ennis 8 episodes
1996 Hangin' with Mr. Cooper Eddie Episode: "Increase the Peace"
1996 Generation X Mondo Television فیلم
1996 The Steve Harvey Show Lawrence Episode: "The Play's Not the Thing"
1997–2003 Sabrina the Teenage Witch James, Clifford Weaver 11 episodes
1998 Three Marcus Miller 13 episodes
1998–99 Guys Like Us Jared Harris 13 episodes
1999–2000 Grown Ups Marcus Wentworth 7 episodes
2000 Linc's Benjamin Episode: "People Like Us"
2000 Son of the Beach Prince Vidor Episode: "Day of the Jackass"
2000 The Parkers Bradley Episode: "The Oddest Couple"
2001 The Old Settler Husband Television فیلم
2002 Flatland JT Dunnit 22 episodes
2004 Eve Mark Episode: "Dateless in Miami"
2005 CSI: NY Mike Prineman Episode: "Hush"
2006 Jane Doe: Yes I Remember It Well Jackson Television فیلم
2007–15 The Game Juvon Glenn 21 episodes
2009 Bones Micah Strutt Episode: "The Girl in the Mask"
2009 Roommates Russell Episode: "The Trash 'N Treasures"
2012 Alcatraz Bobby Episode: "Pilot"
2015–16 Black-ish Marcus Montgomery 2 episodes
List of voice performances in direct-to-video, feature and television films
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1988 Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School Jamal Williams
2003 Brother Bear Chipmunks
2010 Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore Cool Cat, Dog Killa, Slim, Cat Spy Analyst
2012 Justice League: Doom Victor Stone / Cyborg
2014 Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery Ruben
List of voice performances in animation
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1986–88 The Flintstone Kids Philo Quartz
1995–96 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Carter
1998 The New Batman Adventures Teen Cop, Henchman Ep. "Mean Seasons"
1998 Pinky and the Brain Tyrone Spellbinder Ep. "Dangerous Brains"
1998 Godzilla: The Series Looter #2 Ep. "Hive"
2000 Batman Beyond Zack Ep. "Payback"
2000–04 Static Shock Derek Barnett / D-Struct, Heavy C / Slipstream
Royce Axelrod, Chainlink, Troy, Tech #2
2001–02 What's with Andy? Danny Pickett Season 1
2002 What's New, Scooby-Doo? Cap N' Robbie, Native Bearer Ep. "Safari, So Goodi!"
2002–03 Futurama Dwight Conrad
2005 Teen Titans Hot Spot
2006 The Batman Man at the Bank Ep. "Gotham's Ultimate Criminal Mastermind"
2007 All Grown Up! Buster Carmichael, Ty Ep. "In the Family's Way"
2007–08 Legion of Super Heroes Star Boy, Ontir
2007–09 Transformers: Animated Bumblebee, Blitzwing, Porter C. Powell, Blackout
2009–10 Batman: The Brave and the Bold Black Lightning
2010–12 The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes James "Rhodey" Rhodes / War Machine
2012–14 Ben 10: Omniverse Rook Blonko, Bloxx, Terraspin, Jury Rigg,
Corvo, Ball Weevil, Doc Saturday, Punchinello,
Crujo, Alan Albright, Parallelogram Vreedle
2012 Motorcity Rayon Ep. "Julie and the Amazons"
2013–present Avengers Assemble Falcon, Human Cannonball
2013 Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Maximum Overload Falcon, S.H.I.E.L.D. Sentry Television special
2014 Ultimate Spider-Man Falcon
2014 Mixels Footi, Glurt, Wizwuz Ep. "Mixed Up Special"
2015 Curious George Mr. Berg
2015 Lego Marvel Super Heroes: Avengers Reassembled Falcon Television special
2017 Lost In Oz Smith, Tinker, Fauxquat
2018 Voltron: Legendary Defender Ryan Kinkade
List of voice performances in video games
ایل آدی روْل
2003 Command & Conquer: Generals Additional Voices
2005 Teen Titans Hot Spot
2006 Armored Core 4 Sus
2008 Transformers Animated: The Game Bumblebee, Blitzwing
2008 Aion: Upheaval Additional Voices
2009 X-Men Origins: Wolverine Bolivar Trask
2009 G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra Tunnel Rat
2009 James Cameron's Avatar: The Game Batista, RDA
2010 Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Soldiers
2010 Crackdown 2 Additional Voices
2010 Batman: The Brave and the Bold – The Videogame Black Lightning
2011 Marvel Super Hero Squad Online War Machine
2011 Resistance 3 Ellis Turner
2011 Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Warwolf 4
2011 Kinect: Disneyland Adventures Additional Voices
2011 Star Wars: The Old Republic Captain Nelex, Mavrix Varad, Agent Soganti, Agent Weller,
Battlelord Kreshan, Corporal Garrum, Kodai Burkan, Private Sakal,
Ralon Nys, Sergeant Herron, Tempest Squad Commando, Vorr
2012 Resistance: Burning Skies Fireman Lawson, Civilian, Minuteman
2012–15 Skylanders series Bouncer
2012 Ben 10: Omniverse Rook Blonko, Bloxx
2013 Marvel Heroes Falcon
2013 Batman: Arkham Origins S.W.A.T. Officers
2013 Ben 10: Omniverse 2 Rook Blonko, Bloxx, Incursean Assault Toad, Incursean Ice Infantry
2014 Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes Falcon
2014 Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham Cyborg
2015 Infinite Crisis
2015 Disney Infinity 3.0 Falcon
2015 Lego Dimensions Cyborg
2015 Fallout 4 Additional Voices
2016 Doom UAC Spokesperson, Additional Voices
2016 Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Additional Voices
2018 Star Trek Online: Victory is Life Dukan'Rex
2018 Spider-Man Additional Voices
2018 Lego DC Super-Villains Cyborg, Grid


اینگیلیسجه ویکی‌پدیاسی‌نین ایشلدنلری طرفیندن یارانمیش«Bumper Robinson»، مقاله‌سیندن گؤتورولوبدور.( ۲۲ ژانویه ۲۰۱۸ تاریخینده یوْخلانیلیبدیر).

قارداش پروژه‌لرده بامپر رابینسون گؤره داها آرتیق بیلگی‌لر تاپابیلرسینیز.

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