Battle of Crete
the Mediterranean and Middle East theatre of the Second World War نین بیر بخشی
Bundesarchiv Bild 141-0864, Kreta, Landung von Fallschirmjägern.jpg
German paratroopers (Fallschirmjäger) landing on Crete, May 1941
تاریخ 20 May – 1 June 1941 (13 days)
یئر کرت, یونان
نتیجه Axis victory[۱][۲][۳]
Flag of the United Kingdom.svg بیرلشمیش شاهلیق
Flag of Australia.svg اوسترالیا
 New Zealand
 نازی آلمان
Dominion of New Zealand Bernard C. Freyberg نازی آلمان Kurt Student
نازی آلمان Walter Koch
United Kingdom:
14,000[نیازمند منبع] paratroopers
15,000[نیازمند منبع] mountain troopers (together 29,000 in Greece, but only 22,040 could be transported to the island)
280 bombers
150 dive bombers
180 fighters
500 transports
80 troop gliders

Over ~23,000 casualties[۴]

  • 4,123 to 6,000+ dead[۵]
  • 3,000 wounded[۵] (evacuated)
  • 17,479 captured


  • 4 cruisers sunk
  • 6 destroyers sunk
  • 1 aircraft carrier damaged
  • 2 battleships damaged
  • 4 cruisers damaged
  • 2 destroyers damaged
  • 1 submarine damaged

Over ~6,000 casualties[۴]

  • 4,041 dead
  • 2,000 to 2,640 wounded


  • 284 Luftwaffe aircraft destroyed or written off and several hundred damaged[۶]
  • 1 Italian destroyer damaged
  • 1 Italian torpedo boat damaged
Over 500 Greek civilians executed by Axis soldiers

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کریت عملیاتی (اینگیلیسجه: Battle of Crete) آلمان و بریتانیا ایمپیراتورلوغو قوشونو آراسیندا باش وئرن دؤیوش.کرت و یونان یئرینده اوز وئرمیش‌دیر



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  2. Buell, Thomas; Greiss, Thomas (2002), The Second World War: Europe and the Mediterranean, Square One Publishers, p. 101, ISBN 0-7570-0160-2, The rank and file on both sides fought tenaciously on Crete, and in the end the Germans could claim only a pyrrhic victory. 
  3. Wright, Robert; Greenwood, John (2007), Airborne forces at war, Naval Institute Press, p. 9, ISBN 1-59114-028-5, The seizure of Crete was a strategic victory for Germany that was brought at the price of future German airborne operations. 
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اینگیلیسجه ویکی‌پدیاسی‌نین ایشلدنلری طرفیندن یارانمیش«Battle of Crete»، مقاله‌سیندن گؤتورولوبدور.( ۲۸ سپتامبر ۲۰۱۸ تاریخینده یوْخلانیلیبدیر).

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