Deioces the Median Shah
شاه‌لیق 727-675 BC[۱]
تاج قویما 727 BC
واریث Phraortes
اولوم 675 BC[۱]
ائو ماد ایمپراتورلوغو

Deioces or Dia—oku was the founder and the first شاه as well as priest of the ماد ایمپراتورلوغو government. His name has been mentioned in different forms in various sources; including Herodotus, who has written his name as Dēiokēs. Deioces' name is derived from the Iranian word Dahyu-ka-, meaning "the lands" (above, on and beneath the earth).0|}}

دیاکو (اینگیلیسی‌جه: Deioces) — ماد اؤلکه‌سی‌نین بیرینجی شاهنشاه‌ایدی. دیاکونو ماد ایمپراتورلوغونون قوروجوسو دا بیلیرلر.


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